Film season


The selected films and documentaries make interesting contributions on human quality. Each film showing opens with a brief presentation followed by a subsequent debate and discussion with those present.

Co-ordinator: Raúl García

Sessions: 6.30 pm
Price: €3    Full season: €12

4 November: Timbuktu (dir.: Abderrahmane Sissako. Mauritania, 2014)
Presented by: Teresa Guardans

 11 November: Tomorrow (Demain) (dir.: C. Dion and M. Laurent. France, 2015)
Presented by: Eva Torres

18 November: Lourdes (dir.: Jessica Hausner. Austria, 2009)
Presented by: Raúl García.

25  November: Pâtisserie Coin de rue (dir.: Naomi Kawase. Japan, 2015)
Presented by: Encarna Navas

2 December: Transcendence (dir.: Wally Pfister. USA, 2014)
Presented by: José Manuel Bobadilla
13 January: The Farewell Party (dir.: T. Granit; S. Maymon. Israel, 2014)
Presented by: Mercè Juan

20 January: Far from Men (dir.: David Oelhoffen. France, 2015)
Presented by: Ester Puigmartí

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