Towards a Non-Religious Spirituality

Towards a Non-Religious Spirituality
Author: Marià Corbí 
Edition: Madrid, Bubok, 2014. 284 p.
ISBN: 978-84-686-7477-3



We are facing one of the most profound mutations in human history, a mutation which is forcing us to be aware that we have to construct our systems and ways of life for ourselves. Constructing while rapid and frequent changes pass through societies of continuous innovation.

To attribute the crisis in religions to the degradation of culture is a worthy manner of evading the serious problem which has come upon us. To be able to guide our future we must investigate what is happening and, also, the consequences which arise – in all the fields of our life – from the economic, social, cultural and religious events which are taking place before our eyes. We have to study what is going on in our societies in order to calibrate what is happening to the language of the religious traditions of the past and all its age-old legacy. The cause of our situation has been the general evolution of culture and its consequences. In this evolution we must take up the noblest part of their inheritance and keep going forward. Where we have ended up is in fact a great gift to humanity. It is not a calamity, although for many it may seem to be and may actually be so, but for humanity it is a great asset.

We have ended up, as the last stretch of a long path which will go on forward, with a spirituality without ambiguities, because now it does not have to programme the groups, free, not subject to fixed tables of beliefs, without exclusive and excluding orthodoxies; we have ended up with a creative spirituality, heir to the wealth and diverse spiritual tradition of all humanity. Thus it emerges that the new way of cultivation of spirituality is an inestimable gift and a need, given the new cultural conditions, so needful of quality.

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